The American Pit Bull Terrier is a wonderful breed that
has been wrongfully labeled as a dangerous breed based
on irresponsible ownership. Loyalty and the desire to
please their owner/guardian are their greatest strength and
weakness at the same time. The advocates of Breed
Specific Legislation are just as uninformed and dangerous
as irresponsible owners. Without education and/or proper
training, ANY dog can become vicious and display
undesirable characteristics. At Deuces, we believe that the
character of the dog is shaped by the pedigree, selective
breeding, and ownership. We also strongly believe in
continuously educating ourselves on the American Pit Bull
Terrier breed and doing our part to be advocates for the
breed. That is why we are and will remain selective about
the breedings that we conduct and the people we entrust
our bullies to.  
While we do not condone the historical acts used to test
“gameness” in the American Pit Bull Terrier, we
understand and acknowledge that those acts are indeed a
part of the history of this breed. As the knowledge level of
responsible owners has increased, the need for the
barbaric acts associated with gauging the quality of this
breed has been negated. As such, in keeping with creating
a higher standard of responsible ownership, no pup/dog
bearing the Deuces name will ever be bred, raised, sold, or
placed in a home for real or perceived illegal or immoral
gratification by the owner
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inconvenience to any one. Thank you for
visiting us and our family.
We are a registered kennel with the A.D.B.A and have exclusive rights to/with
any and all things named "Deuce's Blue Pits" or has "Deuce's" at the beginning
of any dogs name that is  registered with the A.D.B.A
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Deuces Blue Pits, founded by Gail Black, has been
involved with the American Pit Bull Terrier for over
18 years and breeding for over 13 years. “Deuces” is
registered with the American Dog Breeders
Association (ADBA) and specializes in producing
blue and blue-patterned American Pit Bull Terriers.
Unlike other kennels, the breeding standard at
Deuces does not change with the current fad or the
desires of the general public. At Deuces, we breed
for outstanding temperament and conformation above
all other qualities. Essentially, we breed for ourselves
and offer our productions to those who appreciate
what we have to offer. A few years ago, while dealing
with personal issues, Gail allowed Deuces to be
managed by another individual and the results of
their management was unsuccessful. All interactions
and obligations constructed prior to my assumption of
management will be handled on a case by case basis
by Gail. Additionally, in an effort to ensure the
continued success and quality of Deuces Blue Pits,
Gail has relinquished ownership and management of
Deuces Blue Pits to me and will serve as a mentor,
advisor, and liaison. As one of her original students, I
can assure you that Deuces is back to the standard
that Gail established and will be operated accordingly
under my leadership.
It would be impossible to tell you who we are today
without letting you know where we came from and
what it took to get here. In 2003, I purchased Jaws,
my first blue American Pit Bull Terrier, from the
owner/operator of Deuces Blue Pits, Gail Black.  I
knew from the beginning that Gail was not only an
excellent breeder but a good person, as well, and we
became friends. In 2005, while walking with Jaws, a
young man named David drove pass, made a u-turn,
and left his car in the middle of the street to get a
closer look at Jaws and ask questions about him.  
After introducing David to the breed, he also
purchased a pup that he named Apollo from Deuces.
Together, these two phenomenal dogs is what made
us come to love and cherish this breed as much as we
do. Over the years, Gail has mentored us both and,
due to issues of a personal nature, has honored us
with the great opportunity to continue the Deuces
legacy and also bring our dreams to fruition. For a
short time, Deuces was previously managed another
entity but that individual is no longer associated nor
affiliated with Deuces Blue Pits in any capacity. Rest
assured that the new owner and management team
will carry on the in the honorable manner in which
Gail Black conducted business and championed this
misunderstood breed. The new Deuces Blue Pits
Team consists of Trey, David, and Corey and has
three locations (Arizona, Maryland and N.J.) across
the country
Changes made and more to
come...stay tuned.
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